Keys to the Storehouse – Rescue Our Loved Ones

The parable in Ezekiel 37:1–14 is very real to me and I am sure it is very real to you also. As we see our dear loved ones in the world and the signs of the times closing in, our hearts ache to see their precious souls saved. We ask, “Can these dry bones live?”

I know that when the Spirit of God comes upon their souls they shall believe, and be made willing, but until then we are dealing with dead bones that have no life. It is the influence flowing through us that continually touches their precious hearts. The Holy Spirit’s influence can be felt through all of our actions and courtesies, without saying one word. That is why we need the fruit of the Holy Spirit displayed in each of our lives so our loved ones may be drawn to our Lord.

In I Samuel 12:23 it says, “God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you.” We must never sin against God by ceasing to pray for a loved one or thinking that they are beyond help. As long as our Savior is in the Most Holy Place, the door of salvation is open.

You do not know which prayer, which act of kindness or love, or on what day that influence may penetrate those empty spaces in their hearts. We must never cease our pleading for the Holy Spirit to breathe upon them so their hearts may be melted. It would be terrible to miss an opportunity to send up a prayer and at a moment their heart may have been receptive to the Spirit’s calling. Never cease! Never cease!

What a miracle it will be to see the very life of God breathed into the life of our loved ones and those dead bones rise up with new life. Remember that it is God who draws their souls to Him through His Holy Spirit. We must wait on the Lord and not hamper His Holy Spirit from working through us by allowing the unholy spirit of impatience and condemning to take charge. “We are labourers together with God.” I Corinthians 3:9.

May God’s Holy Spirit reach out and touch your loved ones as you turn this Key to the Storehouse.

Heavenly Father,

My children have chosen this world over your heavenly kingdom. The god of this world has blinded their eyes; they are sleeping and do not know it. They are strangers to the heavenly country and are without hope and without Christ at this time. I plead for the Holy Spirit to remove the reluctance from their hearts, to subdue the obstinacy of their will, to remove the blinds from their eyes and hearts and to draw them to Jesus before it is too late. I am so thankful that you have continued to preserve their life thus far. I will never cease to intercede for my loved ones as long as Jesus is in the Most Holy Place in heaven interceding for me. Never let me miss an opportunity to pray for them, as that may be the very moment they would yield to you. Father, I have so much appreciated these precious gifts you gave to me. Please place their feet on the heavenly path—homeward bound to the mansions you are preparing. Thank you, Father.