What is Love?

A soldier hurt in a war lost his legs and suffered brain damage. His young wife sacrifices all to care for him. Is that love?

A single mother raising three children alone, working three jobs to keep them in school, dressed, fed, and housed. Is that love?

The mother bird gathers her chicks under her wings to protect them from a raging wildfire, sacrificing her own life to save theirs. Is that love?

Helping a man, an enemy, beaten and robbed on the side of the road when no one else will. Is that love?

Yes, it is. How do we know?

Because Jesus gave up everything to save you and me. He lived the life that He promises we will be able to live by His power. And He died to pay the penalty for our sinfulness that we could not pay. That is love!

“In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

We sacrifice, giving up everything, all of ourselves. We obey His commands and do His will. This is love.

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us.”  Verses 11, 12

“Love is of God. The unconverted heart cannot originate nor produce this plant of heavenly origin, which lives and flourishes only where Christ reigns.

“Love cannot live without action, and every act increases, strengthens, and extends it. Love will gain the victory when argument and authority are powerless. … It is diffusive in its nature, and quiet in its operation, yet strong, mighty, to overcome great evils. It is melting and transforming in its influence, and will take hold of the lives of the sinful and affect their hearts when every other means has proved unsuccessful.” Gospel Workers, 312

“Those who have genuine love for God will manifest an earnest desire to know His will and to do it.” Reflecting Christ, 96

“John’s love for his Master was not a mere human friendship, but it was the love of a repentant sinner, who felt that he had been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. … His love for Jesus led him to love all for whom Christ died. …

“John desired to become like Jesus, and under the transforming influence of the love of Christ, he became meek and lowly of heart. Self was hid in Jesus. He was closely united to the Living Vine, and thus became a partaker of the divine nature.” Ibid., 92

“Perfect obedience to the law of God is the test by which it is known that our love is perfect toward Christ.” The Signs of the Times, June 18, 1896

“It is not the great results we attain, but the motives from which we act, that weigh with God.” Testimonies, Vol. 2, 510, 511

“We give evidence of being the friends of Christ when we manifest implicit obedience to His will. It is no evidence to say, and do not; but in doing, in obeying, is the evidence.” Testimonies, Vol. 1, 691

Lord, help us to seek and to obey Your will. Perfect Your love within us, for alone we are not able, but You have promised to do a work in us. Transform us by the power of Your love so that we are remade in Your image.