Bible Study Guides – “Let No Man Deceive You”

February 6-12, 2000 – This is the class whom the apostle rebukes; for he says, ‘If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.’ It is evident that where a claim to sinlessness is made, there the law of God has not been written in the heart; for the commandments of God are exceeding broad, and are discerners of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Your Own Way

There is more hope for the open sinner in bold rebellion to find that he needs to be changed and converted than the one who deceives himself.

The Exception Deception

The word of God is plain, but often there is an error in applying it to one’s self. …It is a phenomenon that could be referred to as the exception deception. In fact, most professed Christians fall victim to this snare of the enemy of souls. They somehow read the plainest word of God and feel that they are an exception to the rule laid out so clearly in Scripture.

Editorial – Do Not Be Deceived

If you have felt that you were safe because of your familiarity with the word of God, hopefully the following inspired statements should help you to realize that unless the Lord shields you by His Holy Spirit and unless you are a serious Bible student, you will be deceived. Remember that the person who is deceived does not know that he is deceived. If he did know, he would no longer be deceived.