Nature Nugget – Troglomorphic Fishes

There are two groups of troglomorphic fishes in the United States, the cavefishes of the family Amblyopsidae and the blindcats of the family Ictaluridae. The cavefishes are less than five inches in length and are found in the eastern United States.

Nature Nugget – The Fat Sleeper

There are several species of sleepers in the United States coastal areas, the most common one being the Fat Sleeper (Dormitator maculatus). Fat Sleepers are common in vegetated fresh, brackish, and occasionally marine habitats along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from North Carolina to Brazil and including the Bahamas and West Indies.

Nature Nugget: The Mangrove Rivulus

The Mangrove Rivulus is a small killifish (a family of numerous small, oviparous fishes much used as bait and in mosquito control) found in the tropical and subtropical portions of the western Atlantic/Caribbean Basin from central Florida south through the West Indies and Caribbean to Brazil.