The Sin of Meroz

If there is anything that describes God’s professed people today it is that they are neither cold nor hot, neither for nor against. They don’t want to be against anything, just take a “wait and see” attitude. Ellen White says this is the sin of Meroz.

Chapter 2 Desire of Ages — Chapter 64

Today many are being “put out of the synagogue” by the conference men for confessing Christ. But let’s make absolutely sure regarding this “fear of the Jews” inference, shall we?

None Dare Call It Apostasy, Part I

we were not willing to face the facts of this apostasy. We covered it up. Adventism published books showing that we had really accepted the message of 1888 and we were going on to victory. (Examples of such books are Movement of Destiny, Perfect in Christ, Hot Potatoes and Myths of Adventism.) None dared call it apostasy.


The church is one of the things of God, the most precious thing on earth in His sight. It has been established and purchased at an infinite cost to heaven. What is it about the church that makes it so precious?

Laodicea and ” New Light “

The specific aspect of Laodicea we are going to study has to do with what we might call “ new light.” As Adventists, do we have this attitude of “knowing the truth” of “having no need for new light ” of “having a satisfaction with what we already know spiritually”? In other words, claiming that we are “rich and increased with goods”?