Food – Eat Right, Live Longer

Have you wondered if health care is worth it? Concensus of most modern medical men is that you should exercise, keep your weight down, avoid smoking cigarettes.

An increasing number of physicians are recommending against alcohol, high-cholesterol meats and white-flour bread.

These recommendations are based on “the latest medical knowledge” though I can show you the same prescription for health in a book that’s a hundred years old.

Ellen White authored that book. To this day Seventh-day Adventists accept her criteria. Since she has been proved right about so many things, perhaps we should examine what else she said.

The benefits of Ellen White’s teachings are now measurable.

There are 57,000 Adventists living in California. Recently the “dead ones” were “interviewed.”

The State of California, the United States Public Health Service, and the Adventist Church, Pacific Union Conference, analyzed available death certificates of all Adventists who had died over a five-year period.

98.8 percent of all such certificates were traceable. Judging from these records, Seventh-day Adventists have a life expectancy five to six years greater than other Californians.

70 percent fewer Adventists die from all types of cancer, 68 percent fewer from respiratory diseases, 88 percent fewer from TB and 85 percent fewer from pulmonary emphysema.

Among all Adventists there had been only nine cases of cancer of the lung and, further research revealed, each of these had at some time been a smoker.

Adventists have 46 percent less strokes, 60 percent less heart disease.

About 50 percent of Adventists are vegetarians. A new study has been launched by Drs. Richard Walden and Raymond West, of Loma Linda University, to compile comparative health figures for meat-eaters.

Perhaps a by-product of Adventist abstinence from alcohol is the finding that they have only about one-third (35 percent) as many accidents.

It has tended to reaffirm the faith of the faithful to discover that the most advanced scientific findings support what was written and taught by this amazing little lady, Ellen White, more than a hundred years ago.

If future scientific findings continue to support hers, let’s see what tomorrow’s doctors will be prescribing:

Ellen White advised against overeating, also against crash dieting. “I advocate no extremes.”

Whole-wheat bread, not white. Minimal sweets. “Sugar is not good for the stomach.”

She recommends grains, vegetables, fruits—especially apples. “Apples are superior to any fruit.”

She recommends against meat, coffee and tea.

And sorry, “no hot biscuits.”

If some of her recommendations sound extreme, imagine how they all must have sounded in 1863. Yet modern science continues more and more to say, “She was right!”

Paul Harvey News, March 1969.