Food for Life – Grains

I am not sure who actually originated the saying, “the rest of the story,” but it is interesting that we search, dig, and go to many extremes to find “the rest of the story.” It is equally interesting that when “the rest of the story” is known in regard to nutrition, we often ignore it.

Many western countries, America included, have adopted the practice of refining many of the grains. It is a well-known nutritional fact that we need to eat whole-grain foods to receive the maximum benefits from our food. With the refining of grains, much of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals are lost. Often this refined food is then fortified or enriched by putting vitamins and minerals back into it. The principle that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” applies here. Clearly our Creator has the knowledge and ability to give us whole foods that will meet our needs, if we will just follow His plan.

If we really want optimum health, we must eat whole grains, not processed and refined grains. “In the study of hygiene, students should be taught the nutrient value of different foods. . . . Grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables, in proper combination, contain all the elements of nutrition; and when properly prepared, they constitute the diet that best promotes both physical and mental strength.” Education, 204, 205.

The recipe this month features whole grains.