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2011 October

Editorial – Understanding the Prophecies

Have you studied the prophecies in Daniel verse by verse and word by word until you know how each statement and phrase fits into every other statement and phrase in the prophecy? If what you believe is really the truth, every phrase and every clause in the prophecy will perfectly fit, and you will be ... Read more

Merit or Grace

“The Lord Jesus imparts all the powers, all the grace, all the penitence, all the inclination, all the pardon of sins, in presenting His righteousness for man to grasp by living faith—which is also the gift of God."

Principles of True Righteousness

The Pharisees taught a superficial, external righteousness based on law, but Jesus described a righteousness that comes from within, in the heart. Where the Pharisees were so concerned about minute details of conduct, tithing, fasting, and presenting themselves in holy robes, they neglected the major issues of character.

My Story

I was challenged by a friend, whom I had high regard in respect to Bible knowledge while attempting to explain the Sabbath message. He referred me to Hebrews 4 and that the Sabbath simply meant rest and all the apostles kept Sunday and not Saturday. To straighten this out, I resorted to searching the Scriptures ... Read more

Call to Prayer – Why is there a Historic Adventist Movement Today

Historic Adventist is an informal designation for conservative individuals and organizations that seek to preserve certain fundamental beliefs and practices of the church. As a general rule, Historic Adventists feel that the church leadership has shifted or departed from key doctrinal “pillars” ever since the middle of the 20th century.

Keys to the Storehouse – Ponder Thy Path

We are told to “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.” Proverbs 4:26, 27. Have you pondered the path of your feet lately?

Q&A – Explain Luke 23:43

Will you please explain Luke 23:43 NKJV? When Jesus said to the thief on the cross, “Assuredly I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise,” what exactly did He mean?

Health – First Principles

A “diseased” condition develops when we fail to maintain health; it is the absence of health. Disease is not always some entity which drives out and overcomes health. The true science of conquering disease is to do so by restoring the health rather than to expect to restore the health by conquering disease.

Lifestyle – Rest

Nightly sleep—a rest vitamin. Many people want to sleep as little as possible. There are so many things that seem more interesting or important than getting a few more hours of sleep. But just as exercise and nutrition are essential for optimal health and happiness, so is sleep. The quality of sleep directly affects the ... Read more

Nature – Vernal Pools

Vernal pools, also called ephemeral pools, are temporary pools of water that support a unique ecosystem of plants and animals. They can vary in size from large puddles to small lakes and occur in a variety of habitats, such as forests, prairies, and even deserts. Vernal pools are usually filled with water by rainfall or ... Read more

Jesus and the Sickle

The season in which the farmer uses his sickle is at the time of harvest. Jesus Christ is coming back with a sickle in His hand because the second coming of Christ is the time of harvest. The harvest is the children of God, those who reflect His image.

Customs of Bible Times – Daily Program of Activities

The Arab women, in washing their clothes today, usually go to nearby sources of water such as streams, pools, or watering troughs. They will dip their clothes in and out of the water, and then, placing them upon flat stones which abound in Palestine, they will beat them with a club, which is about a ... Read more

Pen of Inspiration – The Love of God, A Constraining Motive

Argument will fail to convince the sinner of his responsibility to God. Learning and talent will fail to convince the soul. But the presentation of the love of God has a convincing power above that of argument, debate, or eloquence.

Children’s Story – God and the Spider

After praying, he lay quietly, listening to the enemy beginning to draw close. He thought, “Well, I guess the Lord isn’t going to help me out of this one.” Then he saw a spider begin to build a web over the front of his cave.

Food – Rice is Life

Rice is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, providing more than one-fifth of the calories consumed worldwide. A great source of complex carbohydrates, rice is healthful for what it does not contain. Rice has no fat, no cholesterol, and is gluten and sodium free.

Recipe – Almond Brown Rice Stuffing

1/2 cup slivered almonds 1/2 cup chopped celery 3 Tbpn margarine 1/2 tsp. chicken style seasoning 1 medium tart red apple, cored and diced 1/4 tsp. thyme 1/2 cup chopped onion 3 cups cooked brown rice Cook almonds in margarine in large skillet over medium-high heat until golden brown. Add apple, onion, celery, chicken style ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – Moses

October 30, 2011 - November 5, 2011 - How did Moses develop in Egypt? Acts 7:21, 22. With all the splendor of the world’s greatest nation at his future command, what did he decide? Hebrews 11:24–27. How and why was God to train Moses, and what were the results? Acts 7:23–35.

Bible Study Guides – The Conquest of Jericho

November 6, 2011 - November 12, 2011 - “By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days.” Hebrews 11:30. “God works mightily for a faithful people who obey His word without questioning or doubt. The Majesty of heaven, with His army of angels, leveled the walls of Jericho without ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – Instruments of God’s Deliverance

November 12, 2011 - November 18, 2011 - What shows the deep humility of Gideon as God’s servant, and how will we likewise be blessed by reflecting such an attitude? Judges 6:17–23, 36–40; Proverbs 15:33.

Bible Study Guides – Leadership by Faith

November 19, 2011 - November 25, 2011 - What request of the Israelites grieved Samuel, and why? I Samuel 8:4–7, 18–22. What did Samuel declare to the people about their new king, and how did the Lord demonstrate His support for the words of His servant? I Samuel 12:13–25. What reveals the depth of Samuel’s ... Read more

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.