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2018 September

Editorial – The Condition For Receiving Eternal Life

Obedience is the condition of inheriting eternal life. This has always been true. The only way out of our sinful condition is if Christ shall give His righteousness to us and He will do this if we will consent to let Him take away our sins.

The Family of God

He describes his feelings and the thoughts that flowed through his mind while walking down the sidewalk, not knowing where he would stay that night, not knowing where he would get anything to eat, not knowing anything, not knowing anybody.

Sparkling Gems of Truth

He meditated over the fact that someone had lost his life to make it possible that he might live.

Repentance – Lessons from Lucifer

Here we see a picture of Lucifer, once the covering cherub, in rank next to the Son of God Himself, contemplating the results of his pride and rebellion, “his mighty frame” trembling as with a tempest. Lucifer regretted his work, his rebellion, his pride, his choices.

Testimony – Coffee–As God intended

Yet the most valuable and delicious part of the plant – its fruit – is discarded. I left the coffee farm with a sense of sadness. We humans tend to twist everything that God made.

Pen of Inspiration – Delusions of Progression

Those who are deceived, and flattered on in the delusion that the present is an age of real progress, and that the human race has been in ages past progressing in true knowledge, are under the influence of the father of lies, whose work has ever been to turn the truth of God into a ... Read more

Keys to the Storehouse – Crossing the Boundary

There was iniquity in my heart at that moment—I was deviating from the right! What a shock for me.

Question & Answer – What Constitutes Character?

Mental ability and genius are not character, for these are often possessed by those who have the very opposite of a good character. Reputation is not character. True character is a quality of the soul, revealing itself in the conduct. 

Health Nugget – Nitrate

Many fruits and vegetables are good sources of nitrate, and there are significant amounts of nitrate in celery, lettuce, arugula, and spinach. But the hands-down richest source is beetroot and, in particular, beetroot juice and concentrate.

Life Sketches Series – Joy from Suffering

At midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.

Children’s Story – When God Controlled a Railway Train

I’m trying to get home with a very sick child. I have no money for a hotel. I simply must reach that train on time and get home tonight.”

Food – Carob

Carob, a healthy alternative to chocolate or cocoa powder, is also known as St. John’s bread. It grows on Fabaceae trees in pods much like peas and is considered a legume.

Recipe – Nutty Carob Candies

Nutty Carob Candies

Bible Study Guides-Justification by Faith – Luther: The Man for His Time

September 30 – October 6, 2018 - Luther was the man for his time; through him God accomplished a great work for the reformation of the church and the enlightenment of the world.

Bible Study Guides-Justification by Faith – The Sin Problem

October 7 – 13, 2018 - Our only definition of sin is that given in the word of God; it is ‘the transgression of the law;’ it is the outworking of a principle at war with the great law of love which is the foundation of the divine government.

Bible Study Guides-Justification by Faith – God’s Plan to Save Us

October 14 – 20, 2018 - Without this converting grace and renewing power, man would continue the captive of Satan, a servant ever ready to do his bidding. But the new principle in the soul creates conflict where hitherto had been peace.

Bible Study Guides-Justification by Faith – Jesus Christ Our Only Hope

October 21 – 27, 2018 - The Lord could have cut off the sinner, and utterly destroyed him; but the more costly plan was chosen. In His great love He provides hope for the hopeless, giving His only begotten Son to bear the sins of the world.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.