What About Discouragement?

It is not unusual for those who have chosen to follow the Lamb whithersoever He leadeth to experience discouragement from time to time. Often, when that occurs, the discouraged one can be tempted to question the sincerity of his commitment. He is prone to ask himself, “Am I failing in my Christian walk because I occasionally experience times of discouragement?”

Bible Study Guides – The Prayers of the Righteous

November 17, 2012 – November 23, 2012 – Nehemiah humbled himself before God, giving Him the glory due unto His name. Thus also did Daniel in Babylon. Let us study the prayers of these men. They teach us that we are to humble ourselves, but that we are never to obliterate the line of demarcation between God’s commandment-keeping people and those who have no respect for His law.

Elijah’s Secret

Elijah may have lived a simple life, but he made such a tremendous impression, that he is mentioned in four Old Testament books and six New Testament books.