Counsels and Doctrines

All of God’s counsel is given for our good, and how much hardship and misery it would have saved our first parents if they followed God’s counsel. When they ignored God’s counsels they placed themselves in a position where they could more easily be lead into sin.

Danger of Fanaticism

Fanaticism can cost you your life. There is a dramatic story in I Kings 13 about a prophet who got caught up in fanaticism. This fanaticism cost him his life. One of the reasons for this story to be in the Bible is to help people understand how dangerous the issue is.

Stumbling Blocks

Stumbling blocks may prevent many people today from attending church. The Spirit of Prophecy tells us that God does not bring new people into the church because of the unconverted state of many of its current members. He sees that since church members do not rightly represent Him, He refrains from bringing in new people until these stumbling blocks are removed.