Remember The Sabbath Day . . . Part I

“At the very beginning of the fourth commandment the Lord said: ‘Remember.’ He knew that amid the multitude of cares and perplexities man would be tempted to excuse himself from meeting the full requirement of the law, or would forget its sacred importance. Therefore He said: ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.’ Exodus 20:8.”

Editorial – The Hundred and Forty Four-Thousand

For those of you who are mathematicians, 144 is a Fibonacci number. It is both a round number and a square number. But the reason that students of prophecy are fascinated with this number is because God says that in the last generation He is going to seal 144,000 people from His true church (Israel), and this will happen before the final destructive judgments come upon this world (Revelation 7:1–4).