Testimony – Trudel’s Story

The year was 1945 and the end of World War II was nearing. Like many others whose lives were war-torn and shattered, Gertrude (Trudel) Kowarsch dreamed of escaping with her family to Western Germany. She and her husband, Willie (testimony in LandMarks, January 2011), owned a 100-acre farm in Eastern Germany about 60 miles from the Polish border.

My Story

I was challenged by a friend, whom I had high regard in respect to Bible knowledge while attempting to explain the Sabbath message. He referred me to Hebrews 4 and that the Sabbath simply meant rest and all the apostles kept Sunday and not Saturday. To straighten this out, I resorted to searching the Scriptures for confirmation,

My Journey for Jesus

It was about twelve years after being baptized in 1977 that I heard about our incredible health message. I had become a vegetarian when I joined the church, but did not understand how much more there was to learn.

A Time for Every Purpose

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 The seasons of my life have varied tremendously, but I never really questioned the purpose. From an early age, I pursued a variety of activities, and my husband Jän and I have shared many interests.

God is Never Too Late

God is not late to rescue us. When we trust Him with everything, we have the assurance that nothing happens without His knowledge and purpose. Never forget that we are not safe if we do not continually seek for heavenly assistance.