Preparing for the Latter Rain, Part III

What would happen if they all answered the call to become self-sacrificing, meek, and lowly in heart, to walk the narrow path traveled by Jesus? Would we not see all variances, differences, pride of opinion, envy, jealously, and separation disappear from among us? Would it not bring a spirit of unity and harmony that would prepare the way for the Holy Spirit to come in the latter rain?

What If . . . Almost

What if and almost speak of aborted opportunities and missed chances. Have you ever played the What if and Almost games in your life? What if I had accepted that job across the considered how Almost impacts our spiritual lives, and how our lives would be affected if Jesus had played the game of What if?

The Depth of the Cross

The cross also reveals the enormity of the depth of God’s love. It leads us to a deeper message of His love than we have ever known before. This is the way Paul expresses it: “For He [God] made Him [Christ] who knew no sin [to be] sin for us,…

The Meaning of the Cross

…we are going to spend all of eternity studying the meaning of the cross; it is the focal point of everything else. (See The Sanctified Life, 93, 94.) My college freshman, composition teacher taught that, when writing a paper, you need to limit…