Lessons from the Passover

The Passover was very symbolic of Christ’s crucifixion, and is both commemorative and typical. It not only points back to the typical, the deliverance from bondage and slavery in Egypt, but forward to the greater deliverance of His people from sin at the end of time.

Preparing for the Latter Rain, Part III

What would happen if they all answered the call to become self-sacrificing, meek, and lowly in heart, to walk the narrow path traveled by Jesus? Would we not see all variances, differences, pride of opinion, envy, jealously, and separation disappear from among us? Would it not bring a spirit of unity and harmony that would prepare the way for the Holy Spirit to come in the latter rain?

The Passover

Just as the Passover commemorated the deliverance from Egypt, so Christ understood the Passover lamb pointed to His coming sacrifice.