Recipe – Millet Supreme

Place in Mini-Crock Pot: 1 cup millet 1 teaspoon salt 4 cups water Let cook overnight. In the morning stir well and add: ½ cup chopped nuts ½ cup date rolls or pieces. Stir well and cook another thirty minutes. Serve as a delicious and nutritious breakfast cereal. Left over may be molded, sliced and baked. Delicious, topped with Fruit Sauce.

Food for Life – Honeymoon UnFrench Toast

Favorite Recipes from Staff and Friends of Steps to Life

"Yesterday we attended the celebration of a wedding conducted in style, worthy of imitation. . . . The hall was decorated in tasteful style, nothing superfluous or silly. . . . There was a long table arranged with food which was placed upon plates and passed ...

Recipe – Fruited Breakfast Quinoa

1/2 cup rinsed quinoa 1-1/2 cups vanilla rice milk 2 Tablespoons raisins 1 cup chopped fresh or canned apricots 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract To thoroughly rinse quinoa, cover it with water in a mixing bowl, then rub it between the palms of your hands. Pour off the cloudy liquid through a strainer and then repeat the process two or three ...

Health – Breakfast – Great Benefits

Overweight patients were instructed to change their meal pattern from a heavy meal and snacks in the evening to a heavy morning meal, moderate lunch, and a light supper. They were to eat their last meal ideally at noon but by no means later than 3:00 p.m